Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Galia Moss concludes her journey due to some failures in her sailboat.

“In able to reach a goal or a dream you have to try, if not we’ve never tasted triumph neither failure, which both lead to improvement.” – Galia Moss

Sailing is a team sports; the boat and you. The journey begun on October 12, 2010, when Galia Moss, Mexican sailor, sailed from the port of Veracruz. It was her and her sailboat “Azul” willing to break a record, being in the sea for 50 to 65 days, if the weather conditions were willing to be on their team.

The problems began for days after she had sailed. When Galia had to make an emergency stop to seal a water leak and add more energy sources. By October 30 the bad news continued: The offices of Commander’s Weather Corporation, advise her to suspend the journey for her own safety due to bad weather conditions in the north Atlantic.
Two days into November, she was in Florida, when hurricane Shari caused waves of over 10 meters and storms, as well as the hurricane Tomas. It should be noted that storms began earlier than expected. Galia took the wise decision to suspend her trip and said: “Unfortunately sailing depends 100% on the weather and this storms are threatening my life.”

After 6 months of waiting, the sailor returned to Florida to give “Azul” maintenance to resume the journey. Many reparations were made, change of battery, wiring, change toilet, seal leaks and sails were also repaired. It was May 11th when the sailor continued her journey. After several miles “Azul” began to show flaws in the battery, lights and also the engine. On June 3th Galia embarked on Azores to check the flaws on the boat. So it was then when the sailor commented: “When you are a solo sailor, your team is the boat, when he is injured, what you put in risk is your own life. It’s then when you evaluate risks and take a decision on time.”

Having traveled more than 4 thousand nautical miles from the beginning of her latest voyage the sailor Galia Moss comments: “Unfortunately at present the conditions of “Azul” are neither safe nor feasible to complete the journey. Thinking on keep on going will require many repairs , time and money, The project budget is over. Although there was a fund provided for technical failures and setbacks. But each time the sailor has returned to the course new technical problems have arisen in it, so the option to continue the journey is not feasible.”

“I should humbly understand that is the best to stop here and not risk my life. Part of the challenge is also to know when to stop and when to continue. It terribly saddens me to have to stop. I’ve received unconditional support from my sponsors, who have been my main engine in this journey. Also all of the people who believed in me have kept me going. I ask for the comprehension to understand the demand that a project like this takes. It’s a high risk sport that always carries the risk of failing for conditions beyond me.”

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